We are producing VR content using 3DCG. We provide the world of VR with a sense of realism, with a focus on detail, texture and lighting.

Hight quality 3DCG VR with HMD

Please feel the presence of everyone reaching out. High-quality VR that focuses on details, texture, shading, and light.

VR for Industorial with HMD

Real-time stereoscopic viewing of products anywhere, anytime.

360°panorama VR

A virtual tool that allows you to see the interior of a space 360° from one viewpoint.


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CG animation

In addition to architectural walk-through animations, we also make industrial animations by utilizing our experience so far. We provide value that can be realized only by 3DCG, such as machine products that are difficult to transport and dangerous factories.

Art museum Exterior

US$2,750 / JPY300,000

Cafe Interior

01m17s US$2,750 / JPY300,000

Office Interior

01m17s US$3,650 / JPY400,000

Shopping mall exterior

US$1,000 / JPY1,000,000-1,200,000

Factory tour

Please contact for price.

Product promotion

US$2,300 / JPY250,000